Monday, June 7, 2010

MeeGo First Impressions

MeeGo Logo

It isn't often I plug the efforts of the company i work for but in the case of MeeGo I feel justified. I have been continually swapping operating systems on my two netbooks and have run the gamut of Windows (too big and slow), Chromium (too basic) and Jolicloud. The latter had been my staple go to operating system as it offered a good mix of reliability, speed and breadth of applications. I had also tinkered with Moblin but found it to be too unstable and this was my worry when I found myself downloading the MeeGo image and and burning it onto a USB stick. To my surprise what I ended up with was a very nice netbook interface which is lightening fast on my EeePC 1000HA and comes with a nice basic set of applications and hopefully more on the way. Many of the trouble spots i found with Moblin such as the ability to hang onto a network connection were gone and the system boots fast, the GUI is responsive and as such this has become (even in such a early state) my primary netbook OS.

Obviously it lacks a few things, including a broad set of applications but I assume that things can only get better, here. I had to work (harder than necessary) to an MP3 decoder up and running but other than that this is a very promising start.