Sunday, October 4, 2009

App Stores get us no closer to social desktops

Just read a blog post by Pete Cashmore on about Digg Launching a iPhone app. This struck me all good but then I though of the places I like to use Digg and any number of other social apps and a lot of the time I am wanting Digg something from within another application. For web content on the desktop this is typically done through a browser extension (yes I know they are a pain too but they do work). There is really no such mechanism to include such basic notions such as promoting something ala Digg built into the platform (preferably enabling configuration of personal options) and this is especially true on mobile devices such as the iPhone and other app-store driven platforms such as the current crop of networks. App-stores are great but they end up creating multiple points of light into my social network and in a number of cases I want some of their functionality to pervade all the apps rather than having switch and/or cut and paste.

So now I am thinking what would constitute the mobile social environment, how would it be different from the essentially desktop function model we have today and finally what would be the interfaces that would need to be created to enable functions like Digg to pervade the entire platform.

Something to tickle the grey cells...time to see who else is thinking about this.

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