Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A little while ago I started playing with Dropbox, the concept of such a thing has been something I have been waiting to see for quite a while. There are some other products out there that do a similar thing perhaps the most well known is livemesh from Microsoft. I drifted to Dropbox because of the extensive platform coverage which now includes the IPhone. My first dip into this technology was to simply move photo's around. I was travelling and took a camera and a netbook and wasn't about to try and load up gimp on the netbook but I wanted a place to offload the pictures I had taken. Netbox worked extremely well every image I uploaded form the camera was nicely waiting for me on my desktop when I got home for me to process. Seamless, simple and convenient if only all software was like this.

Since this initial foray into Dropbox I have been using it for other purposes. I helped a friend share images of his grand daughter with his father (great grand dad) using the folder sharing. I also started to need to put more sensitive information between machines so I started experimenting with integration of TrueCrypt and Dropbox.

The general idea is to create a Truecrypt volume on a file which is within dropbox. When mounted the filesystem can be treated like any other through the mount point. Once the volume is unmounted Dropbox will synchronize it. Not only that but it does this quite intelligently only transferring the delta rather than the whole drive.

Now playing around with the Wordpress, Dropbox and TrueCrypt to see if I can create a distributed private journal.

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